by Myevoker

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released October 25, 2013

Anyone and everyone but especially Batman.



all rights reserved


Myevoker Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne producer/song writer guy. Lord of sadness and ineptitude.

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Track Name: Dreams
4AM covered in mess
In a desperate place to claim myself
The bricks and sidewalks taunt more than me
We should find your friends before they leave

They're thinly spread, barely making sense
Track Name: Bakemono
The sensation of plasma
The strong taste of copper in your nails
I don't know what I am
But it's nothing to poke at, or prod with

I stood by and watched you
Eye me off like I was your next meal
I won't be cornered, I will steal myself
To the bench outside and watch as the ships leave port

Your ship has sailed.
Track Name: Izanami
There's no where to hide from
What's chasing after us
I've thrown away all the knives
It's not even funny anymore

If we stick together, then that's how we'll die
We'll stick together, that's how we'll die

Through all the love I had her name
I can't deny her that pain
Track Name: Exposure
I really played the part so well I thought
I convinced myself that we're in love
I don't see the point in disguises now
I know I need the help
I know I need the help, who will give it now?

I know I need the help
I know I need the help, who will give it now?

There were tears and I'd just stare
For weeks on end over and over, you ran
I exposed my last line
Don't touch, just please don't touch
I'm scared

I'm scared